Combo Parties

Combo Parties - Twice the Fun!

Planning a combo party in your house? Well, we will need room! At least a big table so we can spread most bead containers in the middle and at the edges the beading trays. The treasure boxes can usually be placed somewhere else, along a wall or on an extra table. Then for the face-painting station, I usually use part of the kitchen counter, so I am nice and close the the necklace-making central as well.

I usually begin by explaining how the beading process works and get everyone started. Quite naturally, some people are faster than others and so I usually paint these ones first, then we get a gentle flow going.If there is a lapse, I will take a few moments to tie a few clasps, then be back painting. It all happens very smoothly. 

Or, if you have more time, we can do both activities separately.
If done simultaneously, the average time needed for, say 8 to 10 children, is between 2 to 2.5 hours.

Nice soft music in the background really contributes to keep everyone relaxed. If the participants are very young, a few helpful parents around are very appreciated.


$400 - up to 10 people
Each extra item/person: $35 each

Week days (Mon - Fri):
$350 - up to 10 people
Each extra item/person: $30 each

Earrings: $7.50/pair

These rates apply for Calgary and surrounding areas. First 100 km travel free of charge. Beyond that distance, 40 cents per km will be added as travel expense.

5% GST needs to be added to all prices in the province of Alberta.


  • For years, you have been gracing us with your presence and incredible talent to transform many of the nearly 2 million ordinary faces, who wait in line for hours every year, into walking pieces of art.Ryo and Alex Iguchi
  • Her artwork is of the best and highest level of quality, her attitude always positive and infectious, and the clients are over the moon with gratification. She is the Best!

    I highly recommend Lucie for all face and body painting opportunities.Heather Tuffs
  • She has a rare talent for face and body painting and is the nicest person you could ever hope to meet!Vyetta Sunderland