For All Occasions That Require Joy And Colours!

How it works

If I go face-paint in your house for a small party, I need access to a table or a kitchen counter top. My materials cover about 2 feet X 3 feet in surface. If you have a high kitchen stool, I can use that or I can bring my own high director's chair so clients sit comfortably while I paint standing up. Good light is always necessary.

If the event is bigger, I require a table and again, good light. It is preferable to have my station against a wall, so my products are not as easily accessible to little curious hands! You may also wish to think how the lineup will form, as we do not wish to obstruct any busy spot.

I can paint up to 20-22 children per hour if the designs are small- like cheek or eye art, or simply quick masks.
Usually, for high-quality face-painting, lots of full faces with a mix of half-faces, between 12 to 14 clients per hour is my average. 

Please also remember that not only children love to have their faces, shoulders and ankles painted - adults do too!! Partial body-painting and small face-painting pieces are extremely popular during corporate chic evenings. Ladies are beautiful, showing their nicest garments, and there is always a little spot I can find to paint a false piece of jewelry or a tiny tattoo-like design. It is the ideal activity to have between the doors opening and the formal sitting dinner time - these 2 hours where drinks and appetizers are served and people mingle. 

I come earlier to set up. Clients pay me for the actual painting time only.
Payments can be arranged accordingly for extra half-hours. 


One hour only: $175
Two hours: $325
Three hours: $465
Four hours: $600
Each additional hour: $135

These rates apply for Calgary and surrounding areas. First 100 km travel free of charge. Beyond that distance, 40 cents per km will be added as travel expense.

5% GST needs to be added to all prices in the province of Alberta.

A reminder: I am fully insured and only use the safest water-based products on the market!

  • Dew Calgary Tower
  • Japan, 2008
  • 2009 Seeboden, Austria
  • 2010 Seeboden, Austria
  • Japan, 2010

  • Testimonials

    • For years, you have been gracing us with your presence and incredible talent to transform many of the nearly 2 million ordinary faces, who wait in line for hours every year, into walking pieces of art.Ryo and Alex Iguchi
    • Her artwork is of the best and highest level of quality, her attitude always positive and infectious, and the clients are over the moon with gratification. She is the Best!

      I highly recommend Lucie for all face and body painting opportunities.Heather Tuffs
    • She has a rare talent for face and body painting and is the nicest person you could ever hope to meet!Vyetta Sunderland